Autumn at the Gourmet Restaurant

The gourmet Mondsee Castle Restaurant in Salzkammergut – lush meadows, crystal clear lakes and beautiful forests make the Salzkammergut region unique. The natural environment provides perfect conditions for ecological fauna and flora. The regional products are used in the kitchens at the Mondsee Castle gourmet restaurant.

National and international specialties are served at the Mondsee Castle Hotel. The main priority is to use regional and seasonal products. This way, business from the region, as well as the natural environment, are sustainably supported. Most of the suppliers are located in the Salzkammergut region, and are well-known to our cuisine team. When it comes to food, we only serve you the best quality.

Schlössgewölbe & Schlossbräu Restaurants

The two restaurants at the Mondsee Castle Hotel serve meals in a very elegant atmosphere. In the summer you can enjoy your meal in the gardens if you wish. Enjoy your meal outside next to the fountain. The Mönchsküche cuisine takes you back in time to the days, when the monks used to live and eat here.

A special venue for banquets and parties is the Schlossbräu – which is also called Kirchenwirt – a rustic and cosy inn with a unique atmosphere. Locals as well as tourists come here to enjoy Austrian delicacies, like the Schweinsbraten (speciality roasted pork) and dumplings served with regional beer.  Enjoy autumn’s best cuisine at these gourmet restaurants in Upper Austria.

At Mondsee Castle you will find a convenient and cosy accommodation for your holiday, staying in the old monastery. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry or book your room online.

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