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A smile on your face…

…whilst enjoying the awakening springtime. See smiling and satisfied faces when walking through Mondsee with eyes wide open. The reason for this is surely because spring is reviving and the sun is showing you its power.

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The traces of monks can still be experienced

Why a former Benedictine monastery became a competence center!

Mondsee as a university location has been in vogue since 2009. Mondsee Castle, with its history as a monastery, is the perfect location for focused work. Use it to hold a seminar, meetings, workshops or incentives.

It was a place for rest and recreation for monks in former times and nowadays it could also be the place to strengthen your health. Freedom, to find yourself, to hear your inner voice… In addition to a seminar we would like to recommend the ‘path of meditation’ to you. This is a powerful area in the competence center which can be a useful help for a guest who is learning and working. Walk through the meditational path and capture the essence of your life. Your ideas will have their origins right here – you will experience it.

Uncomplicated but special – slow down in Mondsee! We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Mondsee Castle in the Salzkammergut region.

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Welcome to the Mondsee Castle Blog!

Finally! From now on we are regularly providing you with the latest news and interesting stories happening at Mondsee Castle. The blog keeps you up to date with upcoming events, with the best activity tips and with what’s new at the castle. Join in and add your comments and pictures to our blog. Have fun reading and browsing real people’s entries!

Sandra Schriebl and Simone Nadine Chatt

Sandra Schriebl and Simone Nadine Chatt

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Winter Romance

Enjoy romantic walks along the Mondsee lakeside. The partly frozen lake is surrounded by the snowy mountains – stunning scenery for your winter holiday in Salzkammergut. In the evenings the landscapes become even more idyllic with the lights shining over the lake.

Several paths lead you from Mondsee Lake to the lovely landscapes surrounding it. Stroll along the lakeside or enjoy hiking in the mountains. Fresh alpine air and the beautiful views over the mountains are the best ingredients for an unforgettable winter hike in Salzkammergut. You can reach further lovely Austrian lakes, by car, for wonderful winter walks such as the Attersee, Irrsee and Traunsee.


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