Hiking in Salzkammergut

Mondsee region – a true hiking paradise. More than 70 lakes can be found in Salzkammergut. Benefit from the wide range of hiking paths and mountain bike trails through the wonderful natural environment.

The gorgeous lakes all have drinking water quality, the marvellous mountains provide you with breathtaking views and the stunning rock cliffs, reaching out of the lakes, are always worth a visit. Over more than 100 years ago Salzkammergut was considered to be “the most beautiful part of the Alps”. It was the salt mining which made the area – situated in three different states – rich and popular. The hiking paths lead you not only through the beautiful natural environment, but also through picturesque valleys and towns.

View point over Mondsee Lake

One of the most popular hiking tracks is the Alpine-Meadow-Path (Almwiesenweg). The route takes about two hours and is appropriate for children and also very convenient adults, who want to have a less challenging walk. For more experienced hikers we recommend an ascent of Schober mountain, which provides stunning views over much of the Salzkammergut.

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