Slow down- relaxation in Mondsee

Everything has to be done right now and at the same time. Our everyday life is challenging us every single day. We work flat out every day and this situation has to be changed purposely. Welcome to a historical place, which slows down your pace of life.

Mondsee Castle is the perfect place to relax and leave your busy, everyday life behind you. The walls of the ancient former Benedictine monastery still symbolize peace. The power of silence was used by monks who where meditating and praying in early times.

Have you ever relaxed in a Castle?  Come and relax in our Spa Castle in Salzkammergut

You will find rest and recreation which will give you new energy.

  • Spa under a vaulted ceiling
  • Saunas
  • Steam and aromatic baths
  • Massage and body treatments

You can also enjoy different beauty treatments according to Marie Galland’s way in the “Cosmetic Castello”.

Do it like the monks…

The historical path of meditation which was used by the Benedictine monks as a place for rest and recreation, will slow down your stressed mind, body and soul. You will experience a newly featured healing process on your own body and mind at the deepest level.

Recharge your empty batteries while relaxing in Mondsee Castle. Use the power of the walls, the silence of the lake and the special offers in Mondsee Castle.

Forget your stressful life – slow down your future!


This Post is also available in: German

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