A smile on your face…

…whilst enjoying the awakening springtime. See smiling and satisfied faces when walking through Mondsee with eyes wide open. The reason for this is surely because spring is reviving and the sun is showing you its power.

Flowers are coming into bloom around Mondsee Castle and now it’s time to sit outside and enjoy the sunlight on your face, without being cold.

Springtime in Salzkammergut

See wonderful lakes, impressive mountains and the intense green of gardens and fields. Breathe freely and eagerly welcome the coming of spring after a long winter. It’s time to rejuvinate your body and mind supported by spa offers of Mondsee Castle.

Feel like having a spa?

You will find the best relaxation in the vaulted spa, the sauna or in the steam-or aromatic bath. Of course, professional hands of masseurs are waiting for you or you can relax while having some cosmetic treatment.

Say “Hello!” to springtime at this lovely spot!

This corresponds to our special package “Recharge and enjoy springtime!”

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