Weddings at the Castle Hotel

The perfect atmosphere for your perfect day

The wedding day is the most beautiful day in a couple’s life. Confide in the team at Mondsee Castle, who will do everything to make your special day an unforgettable one.

Spring is the perfect time for weddings at Mondsee Lake. The glistening lake and the mountains build the perfect scenery backdrop for your wedding. Have your reception at Mondsee Castle, which accommodates up to 100 people. According to the number of invited guests you can choose from the following venues:

  • Restaurant Schlossgewölbe: 80 people
  • Mönchsküche: 40 people
  • Schlossbräu: 80 people
  • Prunkräume: 50 people
  • Drachenwand: 64 people
  • Blumenhof Park: 480 seats and standing capacity for 1,200 people

Wedding in Mondsee

Have your perfect wedding beside Mondsee Lake and find all the required facilities at one venue. The registrar’s office is located directly next to the castle and is considered to be Austria’s most beautiful. The basilica of Saint Michael, one of Austria’s most prominent historic buildings, used to be the abbey church and is also attached to the castle. The registrar’s office, the church and the venue for your later reception are all within walking distance. After the wedding celebrations, a romantic honeymoon suite awaits the newly-married couple.

Enjoy relaxation at the Castello castle spa and cosmetic centre while getting ready for the most beautiful day of your life. At Mondsee Castle your wedding will be an unforgettable event. Send us your no obligation enquiry or call our team at Mondsee Castle Hotel.

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2 Responses to Weddings at the Castle Hotel

  1. Clare Ramon says:
    Please could you email your wedding brochure including costs and availability for May 2015. Thank you Clare
    • sschriebl says:
      Dear Clare, we will send you the information. Greetings from Mondsee!!

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