History & Tradition.
The Hotel Schloss Mondsee has been designed for its guests with a great interest in detail, not forgetting the old monastery walls, which tell their own personal story.

The old walls of this former abbey can be seen in some parts of the hotel, with an information panel which tells you the age of the masonry. 

Follow in the footsteps of the monks in an historic meditation hallway, enjoy the sun in our impressive rose garden or enjoy a traditional dinner in our Schlossbräu tavern. The castle hotel offers a wide range of possibilities.

The hotel in an abbey
On entering you can feel this incredible aura from the very first moment. The Hotel Schloss Mondsee is the culmination of contemporary history where centuries of stories can be told. It progressed from being a Benedictine monastery to being owned by a few private owners and finally to welcoming you as our guest. 

This is Austria’s oldest Benedictine abbey which was founded in 748 ac.  It was drestroyed and rebuilt several times. In the 16th century the collegiate church was added to the complex of buildings. The abbey in Mondsee was handed over to Napoleon in the 18th century before finally ending up in the hands of the aristocratic family Almeida. Countess Almeida sold the castle in 1985 to the Asamer family, who opened it as a hotel in 2001. 

A stay at our hotel enables you to become witness of the passing of time. The paintings and furnishings take you on a voyage back into different periods of history. The old walls have also been preserved and the old bread oven of the Benedictine monks can still be admired today.