Places of power
and happiness

There are numerous places where you can gather power and happiness in Mondsee. These places were identified many, many years ago. They have a positive impact on our life energy and stimulate us undertake an intensive analysis of our inner being while helping us to find peace. 

Helenenweg trail
The most loved short walking route in Mondsee starts from the centre along the Zeller Ache river to the "Erlachmühle" a little rustic eatery. This route offers an impressive and romantically wild walk along the river. It is suitable for all age groups and fascinating at any time of the year.


Kreuzstein cascade
From Mondsee drive towards Unterach and turn right at Burgau. You can park your car here and follow the signs behind the former Hotel Kreuzstein directly to the romantic waterfall. 




Thekla chapel
This chapel is situated in a forest near a small stream called 'Klausbach' in Plomberg near St. Lorenz. It was built as a reward to the saint Thekla, who apparently saved a gate guard from drowning while a thunderstorm, who climbed up a tree with a picture of the saint on it.

The 'Keltenhügel' in Oberhofen town
A mystic hill north of Irrsee (township of Oberhofen), is the gravesite of a Celtic prince, if you want to believe the historical tradition. The fitting material of this grave mound is 3000 m3 of stones and soil and is definitely worth being seen. 

Hilfberg church
The church was built in 1449 as the chapel of St. Ulrich and was re-dedicated tot he Virgin Mary about 250 years later. Pilgrimage to this church in honour of the Virgin Mary dates back to a legend surrounding the secret discovery of a picture of the Virgin Mary. The interior of the chapel was created in the workshops of Meinrad Guggenbichler. In front of the south-facing doorway, visitors can enjoy a unique view over the Mondsee lake, the Schafberg mountain and the Drachenwand.

Kolomans church
The Kolomanns church is one of the oldest churches, built out of wood, of the region. It is seated near to the mountain peak of the mountain with the same name, and you can only reach it on foot from Mondsee.

Basilika St. Michael
This gothic former monastery is just as striking today as ever. Its two towers stretch 52m into the sky. This late gothic church was constructed in the 15th century under the direction of abbot Benedikt Eck and is the second biggest church in Upper Austria.

The basilica Mondsee reached international fame because the wedding scene in the movie "Sound of Music" with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer was filmed inside. This is the reason why more than 200.000 people are visiting the church every year and therefore is one of the most photographed churches all over the world.





Lindenbauern chapel
This chapel is a sacral gem high over the top of lake Irrsee and is so precious because of it’s wonderful view over the lake and its surrounding. The Lindbauern-chapel was built  from 1820 to 1830 in Lindau near Zell am Moos and was named after a nearby farmer.

The Egelsee lake
The smaller brother of Mondsee is called Egelsee. It has stayed completely natural over the years and it is situated on the way to St. Wolfgang. It is a special place of happiness. 

The 'Hochalm - Almplatzl'
It used to belong to the mountain pastures of the monastery and now it is a remunerative hiking destination. The ‚Almplatzerl‘ is on the side of Mondseeberg, which is facing Oberwang on the eastern side of the mountain, exactly on the former location of the Hofalm (Hochalm), which belong to the domain of the abbey. 

Round trail passing 'Wildenegg' ruin
On a hill, overlooking Irrsee (on the west banks) you can find the remains of a castle built in the 12th century, where the family ‚Wildenegg‘ used to live, which ruled over  the surrounding landscapes of Mondsee and Wolfgangsee.