and Treatments

Trust is the most important thing while being massaged. Trust the skilled hands of our massage team at the small but beautiful wellness area and indulge your soul.  

Full body treatment
50 minutes | 57 €
Ideal for smaller tension in the neck, head, back, legs and abdomen. Muscles and tissues are loosened and toxins are removed. The full body massage also contributes to the mental well-being. 

Partial body treatment
25 minutes | 32 €
Smaller tension in the neck and back are released and circulation is stimulated.  


Sport massage
25 or 50 minutes | 37 € or 69 €
The sport massage is focused on a well being situation after hiking, cycling or other sport activities.

Back/neck/head massage
50 minutes | 59 €
As the head muscles play an important role for the relaxation of the neck, the head is massaged intensively. Tendons and ligaments are stretched and the joints in the neck and head are mobilized. 

Kinesio tapingl
25 minutes | 37 €