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Events with ambience

Large bright windows, light-flooded rooms and warm and welcoming wooden floors.

Concentration is taken as read in these conference rooms. There is almost a feeling that the rooms are filled with a special energy which keeps the course participants alert. Large-scale congresses can be organized in addition to the numerous smaller-scale seminars and conferences which take place at the Hotel Schloss Mondsee.

Large windows, light-filled rooms, and warm, pleasant wooden floors - this is how concentration is fostered in the seminar rooms of the castle. There's almost a feeling that a special energy flows through these rooms, keeping participants alert and focused throughout the day.

Congresses of up to 400 people can be organized in architecturally appealing spaces in the Sala Schloss Mondsee. With years of experience in handling major events, weddings, and gatherings, you're in good hands with us.

Large ballroom/meeting room

The ballroom is suitable for large-scale events, such as a conference, an exhibition or for large banquets.

  • Banquet 340 people
  • Parliament 280 people
  • Cinema 450 people

L/W/H in meters 26,5/14/4, 5, 1st floor, Natural light, hardwood floors

  • Stage 8.4 m wide x 4.35 m high
  • Proscenium possible 4 m x 9 m
  • Tribune possible with 12 floors

Sound and lighting assembly

Seminar room Drachenwand

This room is ideal for seminars, small conferences, workshops and press conferences.

  • Cocktail 80 people
  • U-shape 32 people
  • Parliament 60 people
  • Cinema 85 people

Size 95 sqm, 1st floor, Natural light, wood floor, Projector, screen

Seminar room Prunkraum I

The stateroom I is perfect as a break-out room, or for banquets.

  • Cocktail 50 people
  • U-shape 20 people
  • Parliament 24 people
  • Cinema 40 people

Size 56 sqm, 1st floor, daylight, wood floor

Seminar room Prunkraum II

The stateroom II is very good as a break-out room and for receptions. But seminars are also often held in this bright room.

  • Banquet 45 people
  • Cocktail 50 people
  • U-shape 30 people
  • Parliament 24 people

Cinema 50 people, Size 64 sqm, 1st floor, Natural light, wood floor

Seminar room Almeida

The small seminar room Almeida is perfect for intimate meetings and workshops.

  • Cocktail 25 persons
  • U-shape 12 persons
  • Parliament 12 persons
  • Theater 20 persons

Size 30 m², Location 1st floor, Daylight, Wooden floor


The small castle library is great for individual conversations or as a break-out room.


Column hall I

The portico I is wonderful for all types of exhibitions, such as a car presentation and receptions.

  • Banquet 200 people

L/W/H in meters 31/11/4, ground floor, Natural light, tiled floor, passable by car

Column hall II

The porticoes I + II are great for all kinds of exhibitions, such as car presentations and for weddings and banquets.

  • Banquet 200 people
  • Parliament 80 people
  • Cinema 140 people

L/W/H in meters 23/15/7, ground floor, Natural light, tiled floor, Cars can access this room

Small hall

The small hall is suitable for seminars, meetings, receptions and presentations.

  • Banquet 100 people
  • Parliament 50 people
  • Cinema 120 people

L/W/H in meters 13/8,2/4, 1st floor, Natural light, hardwood floors

Wine house

Our wine house is available for special occassions. Perfect for small galas.

  • Banquet 24 people


Small, elegant space for dinners and celebrations for up to 32 people.


Cozy room adjacent to the Castello Bar & Lounge. Perfect for club meetings of up to 20 people or even for watching sports together, as this room features a large TV.

Also suitable for short meetings.

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